Climate change is currently one of the biggest challenges of mankind. We want to take on responsibility and make a concrete contribution to climate protection:

In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we calculated the emissions of our schoolbag sets Loop Timeless Air and offset them through a recognized climate protection project.

Carbon neutral schoolbags in 4 steps


Our climate protection project Forest Protection

Kasigau Wildlife Corridor, Kenya

The project was chosen as the Best Offsetting Project in Environmental Finance's 8th voluntary carbon poll in 2017.

Climate protection projects demonstrably save greenhouse gases, for example through afforestation or renewable energies. The Wildlife Corridor is home to endangered species such as lions, zebras and parrots as well as countless species of birds. Every day during their seasonal migration, 2,000 African elephants cross the area.

This forest area is facing massive deforestation and slash-and-burn practices. In order to protect the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor, rangers guard and defend the area to conserve 200,000 hectares of forest.

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