Adjusting your schoolbag correctly to your size

A wrongly worn schoolbag can lead to back pain and in the long run even to postural damage. A schoolbag well adjusted, on the other hand, distributes the weight optimally and ensures the best possible wearing comfort. Setting the SCHOOL-MOOD schoolbags is quite simple:


Put on your schoolbag, close the chest strap and adjust it to the correct length. It should lay under the clavicle approximately the width of your hand and hold the shoulder straps tight without constricting. Thus, the carrying straps cannot slip from the shoulders.


Adjust the shoulder straps in the length by sliding the buckle. Make sure that both straps are set to the same length to allow the weight to be evenly distributed on both shoulders. The schoolbag should be close to the back.


Close on the lap belt and adjust the correct width. The belt should sit on the pelvis. The tighter the lap belt is pulled together, the less weight is felt on the shoulders.


Children grow in spurts. Therefore it is important that the correct fit and the optimal setting are regularly checked. The setting should also be adapted to different clothing (thick winter coat vs. thin summer shirt). If the children wear only very light luggage and only have to walk on foot for a small distance, the lap belt can also disappear in the back part.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SCHOOL-MOOD so special? Wearing comfort, simplicity, designs. Each of our schoolbags meets our high standards of ergonomics, safety, design and quality.

The unique shoulder straps are designed so they lie far around the neck on the children's shoulders. When running and jumping the children's necks will not redden. The chest belt and lap belt ensure optimal weight distribution.

There is no 100% waterproof schoolbag. But a SCHOOL-MOOD schoolbag is built in such a way that the water is well-repelled and its content remains dry. The base of the SCHOOL-MOOD schoolbag is made of water-impermeable plastic, the fabrics are made of polyester with a special Teflon coating, which repels the water.

Of course, the schoolbag cannot handle vast quantities of water, so you should not take it with you in the shower. But there always the matching rain cover in case of a downpour on the way to school.

Yes, with a SCHOOL-MOOD schoolbag, your child will be seen well on the way to school at dusk. In darkness, one can see very clearly how strongly the retroreflective surfaces beam when a light source hits them.

Our schoolbags are designed by our team of designers in Osnabrück, Germany, they are produced in China. We only work with certified producers, our supplier relationships are based on respect, trust and partnership. Our partner offices in the Far East guarantee compliance with our strict quality standards. During production, the products are checked several times by our quality management, so that only faultless goods are delivered.

Yes, all materials are regularly checked for harmful substances and are, of course, free from harmful substances such as heavy metals, phthalates, azo dyes, etc.

No, normally it cannot. The material is impermeable in its structure. In addition, the side pockets are equipped with a drainage net that directs the liquid to the outside, in case the water bottle should be leaking.

Well, this rule applied at that time of 1st World War for the luggage of the soldiers. Today, experts say that children can carry some heavier luggage for a medium distance. Just in right way, that's the secret. And this is where the SCHOOL-MOOD carrying system helps.

This is simply a matter of taste. The Loop looks a little more petite and cool, the Timeless is perhaps a little easier in handling. Best to try both. The wearing technique is the same for both models.

No, they are particularly well protected in both schoolbags.

Simply put the schoolbags on the child's back. Then adjust the length of the shoulder straps, adjust the chest strap to the correct length and height and finally adjust the lap belt to the length. You can find detailed instructions here. (Link)

That's what almost all parents think when they see their child with a schoolbag for the first time. There is a very simple trick on how to determine whether the bag is too big. Put the schoolbag on the back of the child. Adjust all settings accordingly. Then take the child with the schoolbag and place it on a table. The child should sit upright. If now the bottom plate of the schoolbag still hovers above the table top, the bag is perfect.

Yes, the schoolbag is built as small as possible and as large as necessary. Of course, you should always check the books and notebooks and pack only what's needed for the day's lessons. 

Best, make the following experiment: fill the schoolbag on your child's back without a chest and lap belt with heavy products (such as milk packs or water bottles). Your child should point out the moment it becomes too heavy. Count the amount of packs or bottles that were in the bag. Now, do the whole thing again, this time with chest and lap belt closed. Your child will be surprised how much more packs it can comfortably carry when using these belts properly. If nothing helps, the chest strap can be removed and the lap belt in the back part can be inserted laterally.

Very simple: the heavy things go to the back, as close as possible to the back, the lighter things further forward. Books and collection folders are best packed and fixed in the book compartment.

By carrying it properly on both shoulders and with the straps adjusted properly. Thus the weight is ideally shifted and both shoulders are equally loaded. Please do not wear it with the hand grip for a longer period of time (this is more for hanging on the hook) or just over one shoulder (it does not look so much cooler and creates an askew spine).

Best clean it with a damp cloth. If it is really dirty, you can also put it in the washing machine. But please do not use washing powder, only a light wash lotion. 

Very simple: the velcro straps of the gymnastic bag are inserted and closed at the three loops in the front area of the schoolbag. Finished.

The plain Patchy can be filled with any motif. You can find templates for you to download Patchy-creator, which you can print out, or you can use the cardboard of the patchy as a template for any other image. Simply open the Patchy from the back, remove the cardboard and place it on the selected picture or photo. Circle it with a pen, cut it out, insert it with the cardboard to the Patchy and close it. Done.

It is best stored dry in one of the side pockets. Thus, in case needed, it is quickly ready for use.

Unfortunately this is not possible because the products are stored as a set. Maybe you are lucky and will find it in our outlet in Osnabrück.

Each SCHOOL-MOOD schoolbag is equipped with an identification number on the small metal plate under the shoulder straps in the middle of the back part. With this number you should register your schoolbag online Pruduct registration. Thus, the guarantee is extended from 3 to 4 years and the child is given a set of new pens after his second elementary school year. This is a unique service, isn't it?

Look at our store locator here. Enter your postal code and the next dealer will appear. You can also order the schoolbags in our online shop and then try it out at home.

Please call us, write an email or use our Contact form to get in touch with us. We will do our very best ;)

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