About School-Mood

In 2003, Fredy Zwenger, father of two, decided to design a schoolbag that would make it easier to carry heavy books and folders. His idea of equipping schoolbags with a lap belt and a chest belt revolutionized the schoolbag market. Since October 2017, SCHOOL-MOOD is a subsidiary of Eurasia Statinvest.

The SCHOOL-MOOD GmbH designs and manufactures high-quality, innovative premium schoolbags with high wearing comfort for children at primary school under the brand name SCHOOL-MOOD and for students of secondary schools under the brand name SYDERF.

Under the management of Martin Pancke and Fredy Zwenger, we work daily on our mission to offer first- class, innovative products and excellent customer service.

The outstanding features of every SCHOOL-MOOD schoolbag: wearing comfort, ergonomics, safety, design and quality.