TIMELESS. A schoolbag without Ifs or Buts! 24 liter capacity at 1,100 grams weight. Our classic.

LOOP. The mega cool backpack for primary school offers a full 23 liters of filling volume. And that at just 950 grams weight.

Excellent Ergonomics!

Our schoolbags are one of the most back-friendly products on the market. Read more about our awarded ergonomics:

Sustainability & corporate responsibility.

Find out more about how we recognize our obligation to take responsibility for people, the environment and society.

From The 5th Grade

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For us, a high quality, reliable product is not enough.

Our mission is to also be the best in terms of customer service.

Clear the ring for our all-rounders.

Discover many clever product features and sophisticated extras at your SCHOOL-MOOD.

Horse or dinosaur? Football or racing cars? Or would you like to personalize it yourself? With our patchies you can create a new look for your schoolbag in an instant.

Discover the Patchy Creator to create your own patchies. Simply upload a picture, add individual text and print it right at home!